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Jordanne Kali

Jordanne Kali

Also known as: Jordanne Kali, Jordanne Kally, Jordan Kali, Jordane Kali


Gender: Female

Born Date: 1987-12-07. (age 35)

Birth place: France

Nationality: French

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Breast: 30C Natural

Weight: 90 lbs

Height: 5'1"

Eye color: Green

Body type: Thin

Tattoo: Right shoulder and upper arm; Front of each shoulder; Red bow right tricep; Three butterflies each bikini line; Lower back; Star top of right wrist; Bow back of each upper thigh; Owl, Compass and cherries on breast (later)

Piercing: Right bottom lip; Navel

Retired. Active from 2009-2019

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